The Metal in High Fucking Quality!


About the Blog:
Howdy metalheadz! we can’t imagine this fucked world without music,
Especially the metal music.. I’ve created this Blog my friend
because I found it’s glamorous idea to share music with you.
Videos, Albums, Concerts, Reviews, News… ETC.
The significant thing everything here is made of metal!
It’s my pleasure if you suggest some ideas to improve this Blog
or request specific videos or albums.
You can also join the staff team from here.

About the Creator:
I didn’t mean god here but I meant me!
I’m Yahiya from Syria in Middle East and also known as “Doomy.”
I’m 18 years old and my final exams in 20 days!
then you will see me in university studying something
I don’t want to Study!, well I love Computer Graphics,
Photography and Video Games.
You can follow me by going to this page

Horns up!

One response

  1. ZacK

    Sadiki iza 5arj terfa3 videos la swallow the sun HD she 3a kev kevac 😛 bakun mamnunac

    13/08/2011 at 12:36 am

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